Preparation of the Regional Physical Plans

Regional Physical Plans are needed to provide the Provincial and Local Level Authorities with necessary framework for the translation of National Level Policies and Development Programs into Local Level Action Projects as well as to reformulate and regulate the local development initiatives in harmony with the National Level Policies and Programs. As per the provisions of the Section 5A (d) and (e) of the Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Act, No.49 of 2000, it has been a mandate of the Department to prepare Regional Physical Plans for all nine provinces of the island.

Composition of the Regional Planning Committee

  • Chief Secretary of the Provincial Council as Chairman;
  • A representative from every Local Government Authority within the province, recommended by the relevant Local
    Government Authority.
  • District Secretaries of the province;
  • A representative of the Urban Development Authority;
  • An officer not below the rank of an Assistant Superintend of Surveys in the Department of Surveys.
  • A representative of the Road Development Authority, and
  • Not more than three persons nominated by the Minister from those who have gained excellence in the field of Economic or Physical Planning, Administration and Environment or in any other field relevant to Physical Planning