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National Physical Plan Key Elements of the NPP

Key Elements of the National Physical Plan

Obtain maximum benefit of the location advantages of the Sri Lanka in Global context by:

  • Incorporating potential internal development opportunities. 
  • Implementing environmentally friendly sustainable development across the country.
  • Strengthening the ethnic integration between the communities.
  • Introduction of planned settlement   net-work.
  • Conservation of valuable environmentally sensitive areas.
  • Mitigating the natural disasters by limiting development in areas prone to natural disasters.
  • Evolving compact cities with modern urban facilities and utilities
  • Transforming small urban centers into strong service centers.
  • Development of sufficient services and infrastructure facilities to cater the expected population.
  • Providing proper linkages among land use, transport and economic activities.
  • Reducing regional disparities.
  • Reducing income disparities and increasing employment opportunities
  • Protecting valuable rural areas along with agricultural lands
  • Protecting the forest reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and archaeological reserves
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