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National Physical Plan

The Draft National Physical Planning Policy has been prepared in 2002 by a Team of ENGAGED under the direction of the National Physical Planning Department as per section 5A(a) of the  Town & Country Planning Ordinance  No. 13 of 1946 as amended by Act. No. 49 of 2000. There are 11 Background papers and 8 Supplementary papers  that form the basis  for the  draft policy.

The Policy received the consensus of all the members of the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) (establishment under section 5C of the Act).  Further the Policy received the approval of the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee   IMCC as per section 4(a) of the Act.  The Policy is being revised now to incorporate changes in the socio-economic environment. The Environmentally Fragile Region identified in the draft Policy is being detailed

 National Physical Plan Part_ 1 - Download Here National Physical Plan Part_ 2 - Download Here   National Physical Plan Part _3 - Download Here

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