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Proceedings of the National Physical Plan

The Draft National Physical Planning Policy has been prepared in 2002 by a Team of engaged under the direction of the National Physical Planning Department as per section 5A(a) of the  Town & Country Planning Ordinance  No. 13 of 1946 as amended by Act. No. 49 of 2000. There are 11 Background papers and 8 Supplementary papers  that form the basis for the  draft policy.

In 03/07/2007 National Physical Plan was approved by the National Planning Council headed by H.E. the President. In 2010 a document was prepared which is to detailed out the plan and identify the large scale projects for the next 20 years and beyond around the country.  Such projects are listed to demonstrate to the general public, potential investors and donor agencies the opportunities created in a planned Sri Lanka. The large scale national projects listed in the plan was approved by the Inter – Ministerial Coordinating Committee on 09/11/2010 and thereafter it was submitted for the approval of National Physical Planning Council headed by H.E. the President and the Cabinet of Ministers concerned in 13/01/2011.
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