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Objectives of the National Physical Plan

Even after independence in 1948, government development polices have not contributed to substantial reduction of regional disparities in Sri Lanka. The development plans prepared by the various governments were changed by the successive government came  into power, and new plans, projects and proposals have been frequently introduced; absence of a comprehensive programme to reduce poverty and regional disparities have largely contributed to slow economic growth of the country.

Concentration of major portion of the development projects in western province especially in Colombo and Gampaha Districts has resulted in further increasing regional imbalances. Lack of basic facilities for day to day lives as well as required basic infrastructure facilities for agricultural development have contributed to increase the poverty segment of the country to about ½ of the total population. Various programmes were initiated to reduce the poverty level of this community, but most of them were unable to achieve the expected result.

This indicates the necessity of the integration of sectoral plans with regional development plans, in order to achieve sustainable development. This requirement has been fulfilled by the National Physical Plan which is completed based on the National Physical Planning Policy.
Opportunities are being created for the preparation and implementation of plans to enhance the socio economic situation of the regions, considering the needs, availability of resources. The main objectives of the National Physical Planning Policy and the Plan are to achieve economic development through the use of available resources of the country including agriculture, realizing a higher living standard for the people and the establishment of an independence economic status internationally

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